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We collect information globally on quality suppliers and technical partners within the pharmaceutical , Medical Devices and Nutraceutical sectors. 

Also in recent years in association with our supplier data we have developed software applications to support companies and supply personnel in their supplier qualification and and management processes.

The suppliers that we hold in our database are characterised by having any of the following quality and safety standards: cGMP, GLP, GDP, ISO, OHSAS and HACCP. We also have companies holding food standards such as Kosher, Halal, Organic and herbal certifications.

Our Supplier database covers contract research and manufacture, clinical trials and development, equipment, logistics, distribution and consultancy. We have a separate Partnership database that supports you in identifying suitable partners and licensors for both innovative and new medicines as well as generics. The advanced search fields for both databases have been developed so that you can generate a list of potential suppliers and partners that match closely your needs and that you can quickly get to a point of requesting pricing or initiating projects.

Our Smart Profiles and databases provide the following:


  • A database of thousands of potential suppliers or partners

  • you can quickly generate an accurate and concise list of suitable candidate companies

  • smart profiles provide vendor transparency and therefore reduce qualification times

  • Tier, priorisitise and score you're supplier base

  • reduce vendor risk by having updated information on them over a range of topics

  • use the in-built applications to speedily qualify, manage engagements and  communicate with suppliers

Vendor qualification times can be greatly reduced through the use of our software applications with the elimination of paper based processes. Our applications aim to support the systematic collection of vendor information that builds an accurate picture of their financial. technical, regulatory and geographical status.

Our management software applications cover the following activities

  • Build and deploy vendor assessments and questionnaires

  • Receive information back, score and report to vendor with tasks if required.

  • exchange documentation, gain acceptances and gain e-signature if needed

  • Track vendor document completions, acceptances and confirmations with our software

  • Prepare and revive back RFQ's and price offers for goods and services

  • Project manage engagements with suppliers and vendors

Our applications encourage and support communication with your partner networks through on-line email, reporting and task setting. We seek to deliver improved vendor collaboration, leading to more productive relations, reducing risk and better supply outcomes.

The technology supports successful on-boarding of vendors and their qualification to become a valued trading partner of your company.Virtual auditing processes are supported along with reporting, scoring and task prioritisation which supports the building off a comprehensive picture of an existing or prospective vendor. 

SURIMS vendor profiles and applications supports a systematic approach for supply chain professionals in providing a uniform and reproducible method of diversifyingqualifying and the on-going management of key suppliers through using collaborative and risk management methods.

Our services are available through subscribing to our database and applications. For further information on our subscriptions please contact me at

Our Services

We offer a flexible means of accessing our applications, from cloud based access or a managed service or even a customised solution for your business.


Cloud Solutions

We offer software applications in vendor on-boarding, building and deploying questionnaires with vendors, project management, exchange of documents including e-signatures, creating RFQ's and vendor notifications both internally and externally.

Managed Service

We can manage the process for you in vendor diversification and on-boarding activities, we can deploy audit questionnaires on your behalf and report back through the applications.

Customised for your business

Talk to us if you would be interested in your own supplier portal for vendor qualification, risk management and on-boarding activities.

Ready to find out more?

Please make contact if you would like to hear more or if you would like a short trial of our vendor management applications, just fill out the contact form and we will be back to your soon with details of your trial.

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