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SURIMS is a consultancy supporting companies in finding and verifying  great suppliers and technical partners to work with and collaborate. This includes in the areas of research, drug delivery, manufacture, packaging, clinical trials, licensing, logistics and distribution.


The Partner's Platform has been developed which has thousands of companies looking for partners and collaboration. In addition to finding matches for your technical needs, there is also a range of software applications through which the engagement process can be managed such as company on-boarding, verification & qualification, surveys, document exchange and approval, project management and RFQ's/RFX's.


For example you may be looking for an alternative source of API, a new drug delivery form, formulation manufacture, clinical trial production, packaging alternatives, logistics or distribution partners. Surims can support you either in using the platform to self-manage the process or use the services of Surims to fully manage the process on your behalf. All the services are modular and can be tailored to your needs.

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Supplier Development & Technical Partner Process 



The platform has a database of thousands of curated suppliers and potential technical partners.You can search and select companies that match your technical needs using our search fields and terms to accurately find new partners. Alternatively you can setup your existing technical suppliers on the platform for engagement and management activities using the applications.



Each supplier/partner profile on the platform is based around a mix of content to give a comprehensive insight into a company. We also regularly research  news, PR, white papers, video and  blogs on our platform companies and add them to their  profiles. 

If there is content that you require for specific companies (e.g. GMP, ISO certifications) to add to the profile, then we can work with you and the supplier to gather, verify and enter the relevant data and content.



The survey app enables the building and sharing of questionnaires and assessments for the collection of information and reporting. Surveys can be published instantaneously with prospective or existing suppliers and partners. Reporting of results can be shared with all parties to gain reaction and feedback and to encourage engagement.


Mitigating Risk

Mitigating risk through successful partner engagement is key to our process. Through building content and knowledge with the digital tools provided acts as both an alert to possible risks and a means to reduce and manage risk.


Working Together

Using the project management app to encourage engagement and communication through the setting of action lists, sharing projects, milestones and tasks also sharing results and successes.


Knowledge Sharing

There is a strong belief in knowledge sharing and transparency as a key way to better understanding and supplier/partner engagement. We are continually striving to develop new tools and applications that improve engagement and development processes. 


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