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What do we do?


Our aim is to support successful engagements between buyers and sellers. We provide a set of software tools that support great connectivity and feedback between buyers and their vendors.

A successful engaged relationship with your vendors provides a wide range of benefits to both sides. A more integrated approach with a vendor can lead to faster product development, improved supply-chain optimisation with better planning and accurate forecasting. A truly engaged supplier will go the extra mile for you especially in times of need or even crisis.








How do we do this with Surims?

All our applications encourage collaboration between the buyer and seller, they are easy to access and update and there is plenty of opportunity to score content, provide feedback and reports.If risk or actions are identified, the process of mitigation can be initiated immediately and shown straight away across the applications.


Firstly our Smart Supplier Profiles. We have thousands of profiles on companies offering pharmaceutical services and products. Our smart profiles are a blend of categorised information to provide you with a balanced look and insight to a prospective 

vendor. This coupled with our industry tailored search engine, this supports an accurate search for a suitable vendor or partner, We have hundreds of technical search terms along with types of certification (ISO, GMP e.t.c), location, country or region.

Secondly, using our smart profiles supplier on-boarding is simple and easy to perform. We provide a password to the vendor and they can update in minutes basic information and facts and then over time keep you informed of changes and give latest updates, We encourage engagement by the supplier through having a breath of categories and formation to update, having attractive with concise and interesting content and ease of use.

We also have other engagement applications, for example requests for price proposals, supplier auditing and assessments, project management and Blogs. All our applications support connectivity and communication providing reporting and feedback to identify any issues or risk and then enable mitigation tasks between the buyer and vendor.

We believe strongly in improving collaboration between the buyer and seller. We are flexible in working with you to deliver results from using our collaborative applications. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact for a chat!

What we can do for you:

-Find you great suppliers and partners matching closely your business and technical needs

-Provide digital tools to support engagement and continuing collaboration between buyer and seller

-reduce time and money spent on qualification activities with your supplier base

-mitigate risk through improving supplier engagement, integration & knowledge

-increase the productiveness of your vendor relationships

Find you great partners


Would you like to find out more?

Please make contact if you would like to hear more or if you would like a short trial of our vendor management applications, just fill out the contact form below and we will be back to you soon to discuss how we can help you find great suppliers or partners!

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